Box Mod Chips Compared

The two most popular brands of box mod chips are the Evolv DNA and YiHi SX chips. 

yihi sxmini g class 200If you are a person that makes DIY box mods, an important question is always determining the chipset you should buy. If you are a shopper searching for a ready-made vape mode, understanding both the pros and cons of these chips is yet another factor that can determine your final choice.

What properties do the chips possess? Does one of the chips have abilities that are simply absent in the other one? Which chip should you consider using when building your mod?

Evolv DNA

Starting with the Evolv DNA chipset is only natural considering that it came first. The DNA 20 was the first one the brand developed and has managed to work its way up to a DNA 250, meaning that the range of the chip goes up to 250 watts.

evolv box mod chipA DNA chip is a regulated switch that allows for wattage control, offers temperature protection, variable wattage, preheating the atomizer and so on. It’s also responsible for activating the OLED screen that shows different values including power and resistance.

Evolv’s DNA chips are arguably the best chips on the market. One of the biggest benefits of using one is the consistency in which it delivers power to your atty. If you’re tired of mods that claim to vape at one wattage but really are firing all over the place, then a DNA would be perfect for you.

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ipv vesta 200wThe YiHi SX chipset was developed with inspiration from the Evolv chipset but they did things a little differently.

In just a short amount of time, it managed to surpass Evolv’s chipset by breaking the wattage ceiling. YiHi virtually created a market for box mods beyond 40W. They released a 150W chip when Evolv was maxing out at 40W.

Things have changed now. Evolv has surpassed YiHi in terms of max wattage, but both companies produce chips that crank out more watts that you’ll ever need. My theory is that Evolv was slower to make high wattage chips because they were focused on keeping the same quality at higher wattage, which I’m sure was tough.

The bottom line is this, both of these chips perform well. You get what you pay for though, and the DNA chipset is better quality in my opinion. I vape on both chipsets to be honest. I like them both but definitely like DNA mods more.

If you’re new to vaping, I recommend you get a mod with the YiHi chip. Pay your dues so you’ll be able to fully appreciate a DNA mod one day. If you start with a DNA mod, you won’t know how great it really is.

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Comparing and Contrasting

best diy box mod chipsetBecause the YiHi SX chips model off the Evolv, you would expect to find some similarities. One of these similarities is the fact that both are tiny chips. Also, both individuals and vendors can buy either chip and resell it.

You can also choose to buy either a single chip or you could place a bulk order. If you order in bulk, you get a discount which is nice. The YiHi SX chip might be cheaper, but the lower price comes at a cost. Most sane vapers would agree that it’s not as high of quality as the Evolv DNA chipset.

However, Evolv DNA chips do go out of stock a lot, which is something unlikely to happen with the YiHi SX chips. The YiHi brand manufactures vaping chips in such high volumes that it is almost impossible for them to run out of stock for a given period whether you are buying the chip itself or a mod that runs on it.

The DNA chip has features that include stealth mode for turning off the screen while vaping. If you are using a device but would like to go incognito, it could come in handy. A 5-click on/off function is also available, which prevents you from accidentally turning it on in your pocket. You can also flip the screen depending on whether you are left handed or right handed.

YiHi chips used to go to a higher wattage level, but that’s no longer the case. They also feature a different 5-click locking function as well as a lock mode. It enables you to set the box at a given power level and makes the controls inaccessible to help prevent accidental adjustment of the watts. You can also turn off the touch screen to avoid making any unintended changes. The screen that a YiHi chip provides is bigger than that of an Evolv chip.

Product Availability

wismec reuleaux dna 250A notable difference between the two box mod chips is the availability regarding readymade vape mods. A higher number of devices on the market contain the YiHi chip since it is cheaper. The DNA chipset is super popular for those vapers looking for a premium experience.

The DNA chip is found in devices such as the Vapor Flask, Vapor Shark, and a version of the Wismec Reuleaux. Other companies regularly use the YiHi SX up to 150W as per the particular range of the model. You should be able to find a premade mod with either box mod chipset.


Overall, DNA chips take the cake. They perform better and hit more consistently. In regards to keeping up with our desires for higher wattage chips, both companies are doing a pretty good job now. Most of us never vape past 200W, so these 250W chips are more than enough to power our tanks.

YiHi wins out in the price department. Mods featuring their chip can be cheaper by quite a bit, but their flagship mod is just as expensive, if not more than most DNA mods. Price is a huge factor given the financial stress most American families are facing. If you’re looking for crazy high wattages or want the best quality, get a DNA mod. If you’re just looking for a cheap daily vape that will git ‘er done, then buy a YiHi chip or mod.

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