Custom DIY Box Mod

Welcome to DIY Vape Mods! We specialize in curating the best information on building your own mod. Building your own vape is super fun! Also, you’ll get to brag to all your vaping budies about how cool you are because you built your own mod.

You won’t really have to brag though, they’ll be asking about your mod and you can just casually say, “Oh I didn’t buy it like this, I built it myself.” They will be floored and jealous. You will immediately be seen as the expert among your friends.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a box mod kit or buy the parts separately. You will gain a deeper level of knowledge by building your own box mod and be viewed as an expert, rightfully so. By building your own equipment, you technically are an expert at your mod. Nobody else in the world will have the exact same mod, built the exact same way. You are the expert of your box mod, and also an expert at that same style of mod.

Experience is the best teacher. Reading and studying is great and absolutely necessary, but it will only take you so far in life. To get to the next level, you have to get your hands dirty and get some experience. Experience is the best teacher.

It has been proven that the only way humans internalize knowledge is through experience. That’s why kids have to make the same mistakes as their parents, generation after generation. As humans, we rarely can just take someone’s word for something. We have to make it real to us.

If you have not experienced something, then it’s not real to you. Knowing that a 15k ohm resistor helps the proper amount of electricity get to the MOSFET so it can work properly is great. But fry a MOSFET by not using the 15k ohm resistor and the knowledge will become very real to you. You will never make that mistake again, and nobody on earth will be able to convince you otherwise.

If you just have book knowledge of the concept of using resistors to regulate current to a MOSFET, then you will be shaky in your belief. Someone could present a convincing argument to you and get you to change your belief. It happens with religion every day as people hop around.


Generic Vape

If you are serious about vaping, you don’t want shaky beliefs. You want to know your device inside and out. It actually makes vaping that much more enjoyable. You will appreciate all of your vapes that much more. You will notice the subtle differences between your mods, pens, and attys.

You will become one of the most knowledgeable vapers in the world by getting a box mod kit and building your own vape. Most people haven’t done this. They can tell you all about vapes, but they’re just regurgitating what they read or watched online.

Again, researching online is fantastic! But it should be accompanied by putting the knowledge to the test. If you don’t test it, then you can’t validate it. Everything you tell someone about vaping will have to come with the disclaimer, “I don’t really know, but I saw a cool YouTube video that said it’s true.” Don’t be that person!

Be the person who knows for a fact, because you experienced what it is to build a mod. Be the most knowledgeable vaper in your crew. Be the vape expert. Be the vape aficionado. Be awesome and vape on!